Use SHOP formula to get published


The following strategy uses the acronym SHOP to emphasize the steps good writers review in preparing an article. SHOP stands for: Selection, History, Observation, Perspective, p. 36 of The ABC List of Feature Ideas.

For each assignment, think about Selection. Selection is the topic that you will cover, but it considers the idea, the thrust. Selection is unwrapping the layers of an onion, p. 37 of The ABC List of Feature Ideas.

History concerns the essential background your reader or viewer will need to understand your story, p. 39 of The ABC List of Feature Ideas.

Use . . . Enclyopedia of Associations, a collection available at most public libraries (for background information), p. 39 of The ABC List of Feature Ideas.

Observation includes all the stimuli from your five senses, p. 40 of The ABC List of Feature Ideas.

Practice free writing as soon as you can unload your notes. Write unrestrained. Take a break . . . Now re-read the words and begin editing, p. 41 of The ABC List of Feature Ideas.

For Perspective, the writer may want to contact experts. Begin by checking with professors at a nearby university, p. 43 of The ABC List of Feature Ideas.

The SHOP formula is just a technique. The real writer succeeds because she is on a mission and she won’t relax until she’s unleashed that creative energy and given it voice, p. 45 of The ABC List of Feature Ideas.

NPR chalks one up to old media

The Aug. 15, 2014 Planet Money report chalked one up to old media by giving a nod to Jodi Kantor’s article in The New York Times Thursday. NPR’s Planet Money report said Kantor’s article provoked Starbucks to reverse its just-in-time-labor policy that expected part-time employees to be on call during irregular hours.

News reports like Kantor’s work can lead to reforms for the good of society.

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Com students snag honors

Congratulations to the four Campbell University students who were inducted this week into the Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communication Association’s honor society. Those students are pictured, left to right, Anna Barham, Claire Carrington, Kelsey Bennett and Romain Stanley with Department of Communication Studies Chair J. Dean Farmer, Communication Studies Professor Michael Ray Smith and Communication Studies Professor Pete Kenny. tumblr_n1cnznFYcX1ret1pwo1_500